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United States
Okay, list of things you should know about me.
1. I do youtube videos, streaming, drawing, digital art in photoshop, stories... a bunch of random stuff.
2. I'm a furry, A blue wolf. If you don't like that fact, well, not much you can do to change it.
3. I am the head of Front Stage, the voice acting department of :iconnightwavestudios:
4. If you were to actually want to commission something from me, I wouldn't believe you at first because I quite frankly suck.
5. I like the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Again, don't like it? Rainbow with rainbows deal with it by DonnEStarside
6. My favorite pony is :iconhappyscootalooplz:

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Pinkie Pie

...suddenly it all makes sense why I always tend to act like I'm on camera... it's because I can sense it on the other side of the fourth wall XD
So, I was watching this video and thought that I would write out my thoughts on this.

    The Star Trek: TNG episode S2:E9 "The Measure of a Man" covers the dilemma fairly well. What defines consciousness? By definition, consciousness is to be awake and aware of one's surroundings, and of one's self. Taking Data for example: Data is aware of his surroundings. He is aware of others around him, objects in the room, and he is aware of himself. He is aware of his own existence, his functions, his body, how he differs from humans, all of it. He is self aware. Despite not having emotions, he has a personality. He has specific ways of acting to various kinds of stimuli. He also learns, and more importantly, has a DESIRE to learn. The things he learns affect how he acts, how he responds. He's Sapient AND sentient, which many people confuse as the same thing.
    By these factors and many more, we can determine that by many standards we set to define a human, we can also prove that Cmdr. Data is worthy of the same rights, and thus that treating his as property is just as much enslavement as it would be with any human. Gen 2 and 3 synths all fit these as well, with the addition of having emotions out of the box, where Data didn't until late in the game, mostly in the movies. The Gen 1's... I'm not so sure. The problem with this is the question of where we draw the line for what counts and what doesn't. We have decided that cats and dogs are alright to treat as "possessions" as long as we follow ethical and moral laws on how we treat them.
    I'm generally inclined to think along those lines with gen 1s, they aren't as advanced as gen 2s and 3s, and are more or less purpose-built. However, that's just how I see it, I'm positive there are many others that would argue that point. For anyone that actually took the time to read this mind-dump, take from it what you will, and feel free to argue any of my points. Just don't take to blatant "Nuh-uh! You're wrong!", actually give counter-points and logical arguments.
  • Listening to: Spitfire (Give It All You Got) by Mandopony
  • Reading: Fleeting Flames by Duelist96 on Fimfiction
  • Watching: Roadkill (The true reality car show)
  • Playing: ATS-American Truck Simulator. (Riveting, no?)
  • Eating: Stuff (Specifics classified... Because raisins.)
  • Drinking: Raley's-brand water

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I'm aware of this article, and I don't particularly care. I know Neil, and I know that the situation was blown out of proportion, as is often done with online "News" sites. 
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